Extension / Loft Conversion

Extensions & Loft Conversions

NGM Construction Services can manage and deliver as much, or as little of your project as you would like us to. We offer a complete service which takes your vision through the planning, design and build phase to completion, but we are also happy to deliver one aspect of your build project and work in harmony with other companies. 

There are many advantages to engaging NGM to manage and deliver your project in its entirety. Firstly, there is the clarity and transparency of communication – one point of contact and a consistent approach.

We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing – every aspect of the planning, design and build process is clearly itemised and scheduled so that you have a written documentation of  what will happen when, and more importantly how much it will cost!

Extensions & Loft Conversions

 Anyone who has embarked on a build project before will tell you that dealing with different parties and the many facets of a build can often be very frustrating. Who takes responsibility for work or problems when several parties are involved? Work schedules need to flow to ensure the build happens quickly, professionally and to a very high standard. One project manager with a team of quality craftspeople (experts in their profession) ensures that stress levels and the impact on your daily life (which has to continue during build) are minimised.

To comply with HSE and CDM 2015 Laws and regulations we provide a full Construction Phase Plan and provide the advise you the client is probably unaware of with regards to your lawful obligation.

Far to often Clients put their faith into their builder to find themselves in more trouble than they were ever aware. As a client you have legal responsibilities that usually only become apparent when it is to late. NGM prides itself in making your experience as stress free as possible. The best way to do this is to advise you of the client/contractor HSE/ CDM 2015 regulations to give you piece of mind from the off. Always cooperate and communicate from start to finish with regular stage meetings to ensure no crossed wires or confusion from either party.

Last but not least! We promise to never produce an unexpected Invoice for something you never totally understood or agreed to!

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